The day before he allegedly committed a double murder on a Portland MAX train, white supremacist Jeremy Joseph Christian was filmed on another MAX train spewing a rant against religious people and threatening to stab the driver.

The cellphone video, first reported by WW's news partner KATU-TV, was filmed late Thursday night by a passenger on a Blue Line train heading east from the Rose Quarter toward Gateway Transit Center. It shows a man in a T-shirt and a pony tail who police confirm is likely Jeremy Christian. His monologue gives a taste of the kind of "anti-everything" abuse that he reportedly directed at two young Muslim women in the minutes before the Friday murders.

"Fuck all you Christians and Muslims and fucking Jews," he says. "Fucking die. Burn you at the stake, just like you did to my pagan ancestors."

In perhaps the most chilling portion of the video, he threatens to stab the MAX driver and anyone who tries to confront him.

"It looks like we've got a Christian or Muslim bus driver," he says. "I'll stab you too, bitch. I'm about to stab some motherfuckers. Call the police. I dare you."

The video appears to have been taken in the aftermath of a Thursday night confrontation, reported by KGW-TV today, where a woman maced Christian after he threw a bottle of Gatorade at her. In the rant, Christian talks about being maced.

Christian's rant includes elements of his extremist and hate-fueled "Misanthropic Nihilist" belief system, which he described online as combining elements of Norse mythology, a disdain for women and minorities, and the right-wing "patriot" movement that wants to overthrow the federal government.

"All you motherfucking taxpayers on here," Christian says. "Taxation is theft. I don't pay no taxes, I'm a patriot. I police the police."

He then directs the last portion of his rant to the antifascist groups that have confronted far-right demonstrators in several confrontations over the spring. Christian was a participant in one of those events, a "free speech" march held along Southeast 82nd Avenue on April 29.

"Rose City Antifa are a bunch of punk bitches," he says. "I guess we don't got no Rose City Antifa on the MAX. Where you at? Yeah, I didn't think so. Where are your masks? Break some windows, that's all you're good for. You ain't revolutionaries."

The person who filmed the video has asked not to be identified. The videographer posted the rant to Facebook with the following message:

Thursday May 25th, 2017 @ 11:58pm on the eastbound blue line Max to Gresham, in the first max cart with the driver on the other side of a glass door just 3 feet away, in Portland, Oregon. 14.5 hrs before 3 innocent people were stabbed, 2 killed out of HATE. This asshole got on at the Rose Quarter max station and was yelling at his friend on his cell phone about some girl that had just maced him. Eventually he sat down right in front of me and began ranting and raving out loud to himself. At first I just thought oh it’s just some angry Portland local having a bad day and wanting to be heard. I’ve rode the max a billion times and and crazy and absurd behavior is so typical it’s expected. He began spewing horrible things abt Christians and Muslims and complaining about all the people moving in and destroying our city. Saying that Christians and Muslims deserved to be burned at the stake, and asking people to get off at the 122nd stop if they had a problem with him speaking his mind, and than began threatening to stab and kill people. At one point he gestured pulling something out of his pocket. And at that point all of people around him got up and moved to the other end of the train. I hesitated and moved slowly shortly after in fear my quick reaction would trigger him further. His rant was about 15 mins long, but I was only able to get the tail end of it until I felt so uncomfortable I moved. The max driver was alerted and stopped for a few mins at gateway where me and the other passengers assumed the max driver would have him removed and hopefully arrested, but instead did nothing!!! And the max kept going. Eventually he got off at 122nd and that was that. I submitted my video to the Portland police dept this morning once I could confirm it was the same guy from his mug shot. This whole thing is sickening! I feel like yesterdays tragic event could have been somewhat prevented had the max driver taken the situation the night before seriously. I do not feel the max is safe anymore and they without a doubt need better security on it than just cameras and one driver! Something needs to be done! Period.

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