During Pride Week, Oregon is making history.

Starting July 3, Oregon drivers will be given the opportunity to mark their gender as "not specified," the Oregon Department of Transportation announced yesterday. Instead of an F or an M, an X will appear under Sex.

Oregon will be the first state to give drivers a non-binary option, a major civil-rights win for those who don't identify as either male or female.

The announcement comes a year after a landmark case in which a judge ruled a Portland person could legally identify as non-binary, making Jamie Shupe the country's first legally genderless person on state identification.

"My hopes are that the ruling says to others like me that they are now being given long overdue recognition for gender identities that fall outside of the male/female binary classification system," Shupe told WW last year. "I further hope that everyone who refuses to be classified as solely male or female will now have the opportunity to come forward and be recognized for who they truly are."

According to the DMV, the court's order has taken a year to implement, as the department has looked at state laws, updated computer systems, worked with law enforcement and courts, and changed administrative rules.

California may soon be joining Oregon in letting residents identify as the non-binary "X."  The Gender Recognition Act allows residents to identify as non-binary and simplifies the process of doing so. The bill passed the Senate at the end of May.