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Forestry Department to Oregonians: Maybe Don’t Start Any More Forest Fires This Weekend?

"The threat of new fires igniting is a major concern."

It's more important than ever to listen to Smokey the Bear right now.

The Oregon Department of Forestry wants to remind people to be especially careful this Labor Day weekend, as "the threat of new fires igniting is a major concern," the department writes in a press release.

With more than 20 large, uncontained fires burning through the state, it's especially important not to do something stupid, like start a campfire in a campfire ban zone or smoke a cigarette outside.

Are you planning on ignoring that rule? Well, then you might end up like the woman in this scary yet valid campaign:

Although the statewide campfire ban was lifted August 22, some forests still have a ban in place. You can find the list here.

The release also directs people to only operate ATVs on established roads, check your vehicles for dragging tow chains, don't drive, idle or park on dry grass and smoke only in an enclosed vehicle. Also, apparently, lawnmowers, weed-eaters and chainsaws can easily start fires, so they suggest checking with the fire department to learn to there's currently restricted use in place for your area.

Since January, there have been nearly 600 fires caused by humans. Don't be that guy.