Last week, WW published two stories about one of Portland's most pressing issues: homelessness. Here's what readers said about elected city officials' idea to use tiny houses to address the housing crisis ("Little Boxes," WW, Oct. 25, 2017) and about the Multnomah County Library's new rules, which will limit people using the branches as daytime shelters ("Shhhhhhh!," WW, Oct. 25, 2017).

Container of Multitudes, via So you're tellin' me I could live in an extra-nice shed in someone's driveway for $800 bucks?! I truly feel bad for anyone who doesn't already own a home. I remember helping my nephew find an apartment in 2010, and it was only $700 for a two-bedroom apartment in Cedar Hills. How we got to this point in only seven years is baffling."

Harley Leiber, via "The tiny house is a good idea. If it alleviates a part of the housing crunch great…greater yet. But, after all the cutesy, kitsch and coffee talk, the question remains: Is it practical? Maybe as transitional housing. Yes. But long term? With kids? No. People, even hipsters with headphones, ear buds, hoodies and tight jeans need space."

Megan Storm, via Facebook: "$800 a month to cram two people into a shed on wheels is not a solution, no. Here's a thought: Instead of declaring $1300 a month for a studio 'affordable' somehow, require all those developers to make their affordable units actually AFFORDABLE."

Monica McDonald, via Facebook: "This is basically glorified homelessness. I, as a transplant, admire the perseverance of those who love the city enough not to move and live in tiny homes. But tiny homes always wreaked of something a decently funded later-born millennial would do. Not for a middle-aged man or woman to consider. How do you retire to that?"

Thomas, via "We have all seen our neighborhood parks taken over by homeless, do we have to surrender our libraries too? What is next? They need housing and help, not permission to bathe in the library."

SamWell, in response: "You say these things as if a family can't use a play structure just because someone is sleeping under a tree near by. Or you can't read a book because someone near you is eating lunch. Or you can't use the restroom because someone is washing their face in the sink. We're all humans occupying the same city and public facilities. Try a little decency and make some room for others."

The Angriest Librarian @HalpernAlex, via Twitter: "This is infuriating. The public library is for EVERYONE. We are a goddamn community, all of us."

Laura Frances, via Facebook: "We have set the bar pretty low when we're debating smoking marijuana and eating a rotisserie chicken in libraries. We need to bring back old stern librarians with buns who shush and take no shit."

Chloris Belding, via Facebook: "One rule I wish all libraries would bring back is no loud talking. I miss the days when whispering was the norm."

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