Former Roosevelt Coach Investigated for Harassment

The former head coach of Roosevelt High School's football team, who resigned abruptly in August, was investigated twice, including for allegedly sending lewd text messages and talking inappropriately about sex with at least one colleague, according to documents and interviews with Portland Public Schools officials. Roosevelt principal Filip Hristic, who conducted the first investigation, tells WW that Adam Kennybrew was given a letter of reprimand in June for "unprofessional and unacceptable behavior." Hristic declined to discuss specific allegations. Kennybrew continues to work half-time for Roosevelt and half-time for the district's central athletic department. The second investigation concluded last week with no additional discipline for Kennybrew. When contacted by WW, Kennybrew denied he had sexually harassed colleagues.

Regulators Battle Over Sprinklers in Darcelle's XV

A long-running battle between the Oregon Building Codes Division and the city of Portland has devolved into an argument over which agency is more concerned about the safety of LGBTQ clubgoers. The case entered a new phase last week when the city filed a motion asking a state administrative law judge to dismiss the state's case. At issue is who regulates sprinklers in Portland nightclubs. Court documents show the state sent an investigator to the drag bar Darcelle's XV and to the gay strip club Silverado. In its most recent filing, the state accused Portland of discriminating against LGBTQ patrons by not requiring sprinklers in those clubs. A hearing is scheduled for early December.

Legacy Avoids Strike

Following three last-minute, federally mediated bargaining sessions, Legacy Health averted a strike by Service Employees International Union Local 49, which represents 800 Legacy workers. The two sides reached a tentative agreement Nov. 1, the same day WW highlighted the plight of Nicole Lewis, a Legacy employee who faced collection notices from her employer. Workers approved the new contract Nov. 6, just two days before a scheduled strike. Workers will now have access to a full-time counselor to help them navigate financial assistance programs and the complexities of their health insurance, and avoid collections.

Cops Outnumber Antifa During Protest

Portland police officers outnumbered protesters 2-to-1 around a Nov. 4 antifascist demonstration in the Pearl District. National antifa protests were the subject of wide-scale internet rumormongering before the event. Portland police dispatched 208 officers. About 100 protesters showed up. The heightened police activity probably cost the city thousands of dollars—in addition to the $1.9 million Portland police have already spent on overtime to monitor protests this year.