Last week, WW told the story of Nicole Lewis, a Legacy Health employee who was referred to collections by her employer after her medical bills piled up ("Company Store," WW, Nov. 1, 2017). Here's what readers had to say.

Juan Marcos Feliciano, via "Shameful and completely disgusting! My heart and prayers go out to my friend Nicole Lewis. Stand tall and meet these oppressors head on, girl. Their reign will come to an abrupt end soon enough."

Sosthenes, via "Legacy is the successor organization to a number of prior entities, including the Lutheran Church's hospital (Emanuel) and the Episcopal Church's hospital (Good Sam). Each of these organizations retain a voting seat on the board of trustees.

"Sadly, there does not seem to be any church voices around to act as a moral compass to prevent the kind of situations set forth in this article. Big bucks out the door to pay the compensation for the professional-managerial-elite types while the rank and file, who do most of the dirty work, heavy work, and have-to-must-be there ready for work at the beginning of shift seem to get the shaft.

"As an Episcopalian, I am embarrassed by the laziness of the bishop and his failure to be a stronger voice within Legacy. But then I am reminded of the old saying, 'Episcopalians are simply Republicans at prayer.'"

State Rep. Julie Parrish (R-West Linn), via "Remember, Service Employees International Union's Felisa Hagins was just on KATU's 'Your Voice, Your Vote' advocating for a tax on other people's health care. Her statements here are hypocritical. Hagins and SEIU supported a health care sales tax law that hits low- and middle- income people who have to buy their own coverage, including college students, while knowingly leaving large corporations, insurance companies, and even her own union exempt from the taxes.

"Section 8 of the bill allows that insurance tax to be passed on to ratepayers, and hospitals will be able to pass their share of the tax onto people like Nicole Lewis who can barely keep their head above water. SEIU knew that, and didn't oppose the bill."

Letter to the Editor: Death with Dignity still a burden

The passage of Oregon's Death With Dignity law is something to be celebrated and applauded. Thank you for the article about how this law came into being ["Happy Birthday, Death," WW, Nov. 1, 2017].

Your newspaper cover, however, I find very distasteful. More importantly, your article fails to point out that the law requires a person to jump through many hoops to access medical aid in dying, the medication is very expensive, and many sick and suffering people do not qualify, e.g., persons with ALS, dementia, and several other debilitating chronic diseases.

Those Oregonians who do not qualify under the Oregon law may qualify for help by contacting the Final Exit Network at or calling 866-654-9156.

Peter Vennewitz
Southwest Portland

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