A former model who now lives in Portland has accused Star Trek actor George Takei of sexually assaulting him in the 1980s.

Scott R. Brunton told The Hollywood Reporter that he met Takei, who would have been in his 40s at the time, in 1981 while working at a restaurant in Los Angeles, at a time when Brunton was trying to jumpstart an acting and modeling career. One night, shortly after Brunton had broken up with his then-boyfriend, Takei took him out for dinner, then invited him back to his condo for a drink. Brunton recalled feeling disoriented and passing out on a beanbag chair.

“The next thing I remember I was coming to and he had my pants down around my ankles and he was groping my crotch and trying to get my underwear off and feeling me up at the same time, trying to get his hands down my underwear,” Brunton says. “I came to and said, ‘What are you doing?!’ I said, ‘I don’t want to do this.’ He goes, ‘You need to relax. I am just trying to make you comfortable. Get comfortable.’ And I said, ‘No. I don’t want to do this.’ And I pushed him off and he said, ‘OK, fine.’ And I said I am going to go and he said, ‘If you feel you must. You’re in no condition to drive.’ I said, ‘I don’t care I want to go.’ So I managed to get my pants up and compose myself and I was just shocked. I walked out and went to my car until I felt well enough to drive home, and that was that.”

Four of Brunton's friends confirmed having heard his story to the Reporter.

Years later, after moving to Portland, Brunton said he met up with Takei when the actor came to town on a book tour. He planned to confront Takei about the assault, but he "it was just too uncomfortable," he said.

On Saturday, Takei responded to the allegations in a series of tweets, saying the events "simply did not occur" and that he does not recall ever meeting Brunton.