New Figures Show that Oregon’s Graduation Rate Is the Third Lowest in the Nation

Only Nevada and New Mexico produce grads at a lower rate than Oregon.

Sen. Ron Wyden holds a town hall at David Douglas High School on Feb. 25, 2017. (Joe Riedl)

New statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics show that Oregon's graduation rates are the third worst in the nation.

The bottom of the barrel:

*Oregon: 74.8 percent

*Nevada: 73.6 percent

*New Mexico: 71 percent

Oregon has occupied a position in the bottom tier for years, so the statistic, which is for school year 2015-16, is not surprising.

The Oregon Education Association, the statewide teachers' union, says the problem is money.

"Our students are continuing to pay the price for our inadequate funding of public education," OEA President John Larson said in a statement. "Oregonians must come together and solve our school funding crisis so that all Oregon students have the opportunity to reach their highest potential."

Larson may be right: according to NCES statistics for 2013-14 (table 5), Oregon spent about 10 percent less per pupil than the national average, although the number for that year $9,959, was still more than in 21 other states.

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