Time for a reboot.

There are plenty of reasons to put 2017 in the rear-view mirror. For some people, doing so means making a bolder-than-usual New Year's resolution or considering a more robust gift to charity. For others, it means beginning a new life.

WW often opens the year with our Voices issue, a chance for us to hear what other people in this city have to say. This year, we looked for Portlanders making a significant shift in their lives.

One of them is the city's conscience on homelessness, ready to step off his soapbox but still challenging the mayor to find a radical plan for getting people out of the cold. Another had no choice but to change: This Portlander marched with Antifa but was caught aiding the cops, and has been expelled from the protest movement. We also talked to the man behind a social justice revolution at one of the state's philanthropic powerhouses. And we discovered a rock star who found life on the road too grueling. So she went into real estate.

The people in the following pages each found a fresh start. And they're ready to tell Portland what they learned about moving on.