Number of new Oregonians as of July 1, 2017, according to the Portland State University Population Research Center, bringing the state's population to 4,141,100. That increase was nearly identical to the previous year's, matching the early 1990s for population growth.


Number of refugees who settled in Oregon in 2016.


Number of refugees who settled in Oregon in 2017, as of press deadlines.

This woman, who asked not to be named, arrived in Portland from Myanmar. (Joe Riedl)
This woman, who asked not to be named, arrived in Portland from Myanmar. (Joe Riedl)


Amount of money Oregonians contributed to President Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign in the first nine months of 2017.


Amount of money Nike Chairman Phil Knight gave to state Rep. Knute Buehler (R-Bend) on Aug. 14. It's the largest gift from one individual to a political candidate in Oregon history. Buehler has raised nearly $2.2 million this year as he begins his challenge to incumbent Gov. Kate Brown, who, despite receiving no individual contribution larger than $25,000, raised $2.4 million.

(Leah Nash)
(Leah Nash)


Amount the Oregon Government Ethics Commission proposed to fine former Gov. John Kitzhaber for failing to manage conflicts of interest involving the consulting activities of former first lady Cylvia Hayes. The commission rejected the settlement 7-1 and pushed back resolution of the ethics complaint against Kitzhaber to January 2018.


Number of days the city of Portland has extended the deadline for Airbnb to comply with a legislative subpoena to produce addresses of all Portland homes listed on its website.

Blue Star Doughnut at Portland International Airport (Thomas Teal)
Blue Star Doughnut at Portland International Airport (Thomas Teal)


Number of passengers who got on or off a plane at Portland International Airport through November. That number is 4.1 percent above last year's record traffic.

$72.1 billion

Total assessed value of all property in Multnomah County. That's a 4.8 percent increase from 2016.


Number of students enrolled in Portland Public Schools as of the annual October count. That figure is the highest since 2002-2003 and marks the 10th consecutive annual increase.


Number of people blocked by the official Twitter account of Gov. Kate Brown, according to a document obtained by a Nov. 28 public records request. The blocked accounts are @Jordanronald13 and @Surfingranny4DT.

Traffic in Portland’s Rose Quarter (Daniel Stindt)
Traffic in Portland’s Rose Quarter (Daniel Stindt)


Number of traffic deaths so far in 2017, eclipsing last year's number by one. The total includes 19 pedestrian fatalities, a steep jump from 13 last year and 11 two years ago. The city's Vision Zero plan aims to eliminate traffic-related deaths on city streets by 2025.


Average number of seconds callers who dialed 911 in Portland waited to speak to an operator during a five-month period last winter. The city's Bureau of Emergency Communications misreported wait times for more than 10 years. The bureau previously said hold times averaged one second.


Number of years since Portland Harbor was named a Superfund site by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. After arriving at a record of decision early in 2017, the feds estimated it would take another 17 years to actually complete the cleanup.

$62.4 million

Amount of state taxes collected on recreational cannabis sales through the first 11 months of 2017. November receipts of $7.04 million marked the highest monthly total for the year.

(Joe Riedl)
(Joe Riedl)


Percentage of all solid waste produced in the metro area that was recycled last year, according to state figures. It's a sharp, 5-point drop from 2015 and a black eye for one of the nation's leading recycling cities. The main causes: declines in the reuse of wood waste and corrugated cardboard.


Number of new duplexes and triplexes the city's "residential infill project" is projected to create in Portland neighborhoods by 2035.


Number of new units of housing Portland will need in the next 25 years, according to regional planning agency Metro.

(Aaron Mesh)
(Aaron Mesh)