Two weeks ago, Portlanders living in the Park Plaza Apartments near Portland State University found Neo-Nazi recruitment flyers plastered on car windshields and park benches.

Those same messages, along with other anti-Semitic and white supremacist decals, were found littered throughout the Portland Community College Cascade campus over Christmas weekend.

The PSU Vanguard first reported on the appearance of the flyers, which were distributed by a group of seven unidentified individuals late last Saturday, Dec. 23. Security cameras caught the crew pasting their messages on street signs and windows near North Killingsworth Street and North Kirby Avenue.

Printed on the bottom of the some of the posters is the website of a group called Patriot Front, a white supremacist organization that formed after the Charlottesville, Va. "Unite the Right" rally. The website offers an "American Fascist Manifesto"—which, as the name suggests, is a declaration of white nationalism.

The other plastered messages included swastikas and printouts that read "It's okay to be white," and "White lives matter."

PCC's Public Safety office was alerted to the appearance of the flyers over the holiday break, public safety sergeant Erik Hargrove says, and many were taken down by complainants before PCC was able to respond.

"The messages that were contained within [the flyers and stickers] do not mesh at all with the values that we hold here," Hargrove told the Vanguard.

The college is still working to identify the individuals responsible for spreading the vitriolic messages, and the Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crimes is asking that people who find similar flyers report it on their Facebook page.