Oregonians can't wait to read the latest gossip about President Donald Trump. Some will have to.

The early release of Michael Wolff's White House tell-all book, Fire and Fury, on Jan. 5 set off a shopping spree at Powell's Books, delayed orders at Amazon, and prompted long waiting lists at local libraries.

Does the frenzy to read Fire and Fury correlate with disapproval of the president? Perhaps. Here's the size of the waiting lists as of Jan. 8 at Oregon's biggest library systems, and across the river in Vancouver, Wash.

photo via Vancouver, Wa. Barnes and Noble’s Facebook
photo via Vancouver, Wa. Barnes and Noble’s Facebook

Multnomah County Library
Copies: 256
Holds: 1,124

Washington County Cooperative Library Services
Copies: 56
Holds: 595

Libraries in Clackamas County
Copies: 15
Holds: 349

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District
Copies: 57
Holds: 156

Lane (County) Library League
Copies: 7
Holds: 169

Libraries in Marion County
Copies: 5
Holds: 22