It's very likely that Denny Doyle, Beaverton's mayor of nine years, actually wanted to be an actor.

In a theatrical five-minute long video published on the Beaverton City Government Facebook page on Jan. 11, Doyle and his fellow city council members reenacted scenes from Star Wars, The Godfather, Rocky and Love Actually.

The video is meant to recap the city's 2017 achievements, and it certainly gets marks for unconventionality.

At the start of the video, Doyle—who is working on a "State of the City" address—falls asleep at his desk. Ensuing, and perplexing, dream-scenes include two people in beaver costumes staring spookily at Doyle, a clip of Doyle peeking his head through a door "The Shining" style and saying "Heeeere's Denny," and Doyle appearing before a cloaked and light saber-wielding city council as a holograph.

Two random people in beaver costumes make appearances throughout as well.

In one scene, halfway through, Doyle sits across from one of the beavers in a suit, and says in his best Marlon Brando-reading-Mario Puzo voice, "You are a good friend, Billy. What is it that you seek next? A dam. I cannot do that. How about my transit-oriented and affordable housing units?"

The messages of the video are scattered, but the filming and editing are, quite honestly, fairly professionally executed.

If anything, Portland's neighboring suburb is doing a good job of keeping it weird.