The Oregon Government Ethics Commission signaled its unhappiness with former Gov. John Kitzhaber recently, expressing a desire to heavily fine him and his fiancee, former first lady Cylvia Hayes, relating to influence peddling allegations.

That dark cloud, however, hasn't dampened the enthusiasm some people have for Oregon's longest serving governor.

Yesterday, DJ Wilson, a healthcare consultant who puts on high-level medical industry conferences, proposed that Oregon Health & Science University hire Kitzhaber as its next president.

Kitzhaber, a former emergency room physician, earned his medical degree at OHSU. The university is currently searching for a successor to Dr. Joe Robertson, who announced his retirement last year.

Wilson—who landed Kitzhaber as the keynote speaker at a Feb. 1 conference in Austin called the 2018 State of Reform, Texas—lists five reasons why Kitzhaber would make a good choice:

Here is what I think OHSU should be looking for in their next president, and what I think they are looking for in their job description. A visionary leader that can take OHSU out onto the statewide and national stage

A president that will be in the community, has credibility with health care leaders, and relationships with policy makers.

A president that is adept at building, developing and collaborating on new payment methodologies that reward quality rather than market leverage

Both the confidence of their convictions on payment reform and the wisdom of experience to be able to lead into this uncertain space.

A communicator, someone who can explain the vision for new models of care financing.

OHSU needs a president that can navigate state and federal policy conversations with fluency, creativity and credibility.

That sounds like John Kitzhaber to me.