There's only one item on the Jan. 23 special election ballot—Measure 101, which would either keep intact a Medicaid funding package lawmakers put together last year, or cut about $300 million out of that package if voters say no.

Because the federal government matches money raised for Medicaid three-to-one, officials estimate the total consequence of a "no" vote to be a $1 billion or more hole in the state's 2017-19 budget.

WW recommends a "yes" vote on the measure.

Turnout for the election is light so far.

The latest figures for Multnomah County show that through Saturday, 28.65 percent of voters have returned ballots. Multnomah County was lagging statewide turnout by a few percentage points when the elections division last released statewide figures, so the totals for all of Oregon are probably slightly higher.

Turnout in the last January special election in 2010 was 62.7 percent. That was also a short ballot, asking voters to approve personal and corporate income tax increases. They did so.

Ballots for the current election must be received by 8 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 23 in order to be counted.

It's now too late to mail your ballot in time to be counted but a searchable list of ballot drop locations can be found here.