The Oregonian Conducts Another Round of Layoffs. This Time, 11 Newsroom Staffers Are Gone.

Nobody wins when the state's largest newspaper is forced to reduce its already thin staff even further.

The Oregonian's editor, Mark Katches, broke some news to his staff this morning that left nobody smiling.

"Today, the positions of 11 of our colleagues in the newsroom are being eliminated," Katches wrote in a memo to his staff.

"You're probably asking yourself, when will these cuts end? I wish I could answer that. Although we have made progress growing our digital audience while also producing award-winning, and important journalism, the revenue picture continues to pose challenges for our company—as is the case across the media landscape."

The Northwest's largest daily has now engaged at least six rounds of staff reductions since 2010, a reflection of the internet's cannibalization of print advertising and an unwelcome change from the many decades when the paper had a no-layoff policy.

Those included in the layoff today, according to multiple sources, include Samantha Bakall, Jen Beyrle, Molly Blue, Allan Brettman, Jessica Floum, Susan Green, Anna Marum, Lynne Palombo, Mike Richman, Lynne Terry and Jerry Ulmer.

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