Last week, WW took a look at Portland's larger than average population of social media influencers. The 18 influencers we profiled each have tens to hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter, and have turned their social media accounts into careers. Here's what our readers had to say on social media about the business of being on social media.

Yu, via Twitter: "Portland really is the Golden State Warriors of cities for people with 10-50k followers on Twitter/Instagram making a living."

Sgperry, via "I would have been interested in reading more about what prompted them to embrace this gig in the first place. Maybe it really is just narcissism? If not, why not?"

Leigh Feldman, via Facebook: "It's a decent list, but they need to add Meatballssmama and Amine and Tyus and Portugal the Man and and and…"

Dags van Waardenburg, via Facebook: "Are these people even verified?"

Ben Tactic Fuller, via Facebook: "Adding 'Social Influencer' to your IG doesn't really mean anything."

Apaaragita, via Twitter: "Does this mean I should feel bad if I've got like 10 followers?"

Josiah Roe, via Twitter: "They're all bots and other people who live in Portland; I realize I may just have been redundant."

Vladiator, via "Basically, a hyper-version of the 'popular' kid in high school…with corporate sponsorship."

Annie Radecki, via Twitter: "Finally, a niche of the tech market [where] Portland doesn't lag behind San Francisco/Seattle: Instagram influencers."


Due to an editor's error, last week's cover story said a social media influencer with a million followers on Twitter can earn $200,000 a year from sponsorships. It is more accurate to say that a person with that many followers can earn $20,000 per sponsored post.