Last week, WW wrote about House Bill 4145, a piece of gun control legislation championed by Gov. Kate Brown that would take guns away from stalkers and abusive partners. The measure passed the House last week, with three Republicans voting yes. It now goes before the Oregon Senate. Here's what our readers have to say about the bill.

Lisa Hannah, via Twitter: "What happens when Republicans stand up to the NRA."

Jeremiah William Johnson, via Facebook: "A history of domestic violence should definitely keep you from owning automatic weapons or getting a concealed carry permit. Period."

Shara Holmen, via Facebook: "Yes! This makes a lot of sense. About time. Now to actually listen to those who have been abused domestically and given the help they need to escape and survive."

Matt, via "All the laws they can write don't mean a damn thing if not enforced."

Hackworth, via Twitter: "Reminder that while we've been calling Congress on federal issues all year, there's work to be done at the state level too. Sanctuary cities, protecting women's rights, and this currently germane example: gun control."

Darby Marioth, via Facebook: "I don't understand how anyone could be against this."

Dan Taylor, via "Waste of time. It's already against the law for [some] people charged with a domestic abuse case to own firearms, and people that have a restraining order against them cannot have firearms. Good job, Salem, on deflecting from real problems we have."

Shannon Bearman, via Twitter: "Every state should follow in Oregon's

Kent Wright, via Facebook: "I agree with this [measure]. Even though I am a gun supporter."

Karen Holmstrom, in response: "Bravo, Kent! It's really sad when gun supporters feel it's all or nothing. I feel like responsible gun owners wouldn't have an issue with this."

Kimberly Kosa, via Facebook: "Glad to hear this passed and that some lawmakers are developing a spine. However, this ongoing sentiment that 'This bill won't solve the ENTIRE problem, therefore I'm voting no' is 100 percent garbage. Incremental change is still change."