As an Out-of-Control Flu Season Winds Down, Oregon is Faring Better Than Most States

Oregon and Hawaii are the only two states not reporting widespread flu activity.

This year's flu season has been nasty, and the vaccine only partially effective.

In Oregon, flu cases have soared to over 6,000 and the virus has claimed the life of two young children.

The good news, according to the Centers For Disease Control, is that flu activity has been declining around the nation, and will likely continue to dwindle.

And Oregon has weathered the bug better than most places.

Oregon is one of two states to have avoided widespread influenza activity. (The other is Hawaii.) CDC data shows that flu cases in Oregon remained localized for the most part.

That doesn't mean that our state is out of the woods yet. The CDC cautions that flu activity is currently still high.

Oregon Health Authority data for the week of February 4-10 shows that the percentage of positive flu cases has decreased from 20.6 percent last week to 17.9 percent this week. Also, the number of flu-related hospitalizations this week—25—is almost half of what it was last week: 59.

So for now, maintain your strict hand-washing regimen. The end of flu season is near, but we're not safe yet.