Tire Fire at an Auto Scrapyard Sends Toxic Black Smoke Billowing Over Northeast Portland

The fire started around 9 am, and nearby residents and schools are now being evacuated. Fire crews guess 16 cats have died in a burned six-plex.

Photo via KATU News video

A scrapyard tire fire at Northeast 75th Avenue and Killingsworth Street is sending plumes of black, carbon monoxide and cyanide-laden smoke into Northeast Portland.

The fire, which according to WW's news partner KATU News started around 9 am, has quickly grown to consume nearby homes and buildings and trigger evacuations.

Portland Fire and Rescue has so far evacuated residences located on Northeast 72nd and 75th Avenue between Killingsworth and Alberta. And Portland Public Schools is relocating roughly 115 young students from Sacajawea Head Start on Northeast 74th.

Reports from the area show massive amounts of toxic smoke entering the air—which Oregon Public Health Authority warns is toxic to inhale. Residents in a one mile radius of the fire are advised to stay indoors, shut windows and turn off all HVAC systems.

At least one six-plex and one duplex have been burned so far, though it is still unclear how many homes have been damaged.

Portland Fire and Rescue is working to save a dog rescue shelter blocks from where the fire started, and crews guess 16 cats have died in the burned six-plex.

Officials from Portland International Aiport tell KATU that while the smoke is visible, the fire is not yet impacting operations.

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