The gift: $25,000

Who got it? Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat seeking re-election.

Who gave it? New York financier and philanthropist George Soros, who built a $25 billion fortune trading currencies, stocks and commodities.

Why is it interesting? With his vast wealth, Soros, 87, is the left-wing version of the Koch brothers, with investments in democracy and progressive causes in 100 countries around the world. Although he is a generous supporter of Democratic candidates and causes nationally, he hasn't previously given to an Oregon candidate. His check shows Brown continues to make inroads with national funders.

What does Brown's campaign say? Brown's campaign spokesman Christian Gaston says the contribution is a sign that Brown's work has gained traction. "The progress Oregon has made over the last three years is being recognized across the country," Gaston says. "It's where progressive policies can move forward while Washington, D.C., is mired in politics."