Last week, WW wrote about the candidates campaigning to unseat state Sen. Rod Monroe ("Hot Seat," WW, April 11, 2018). In an unusually competitive primary, Monroe is challenged by fellow Democrats Shemia Fagan and Kayse Jama. Who gets the most votes in next month's primary election could have big implications for Oregon's tenant laws. Here's how readers weighed in.

Lil Bikeridinghood, via Twitter: "No more landlords in our Legislature!"

Michael Oliver, via Twitter: "One only has to look at California's current gubernatorial primary to note how restrictive the Oregon Democrats are in allowing competition and voter choice in our state's elections."

JD Mulvey, via "Rod Monroe blocked basic protections for renters and ever since then he's been showered with donations from property management companies. He's coasted for years, but he's out of his league this time, and he knows it."

David Richards, via "By comparison, most of Fagan's and Jama's contributions are from individuals or 'miscellaneous cash contributions $100 and under.'"

Pdan, via "Monroe is correct, of course. Rent control will not work to help the cost of housing except for benefiting a few incumbents at the long-term expense of literally everyone else. Just look at what has happened in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles. This is a well-studied issue, and we know it doesn't work. It's like the lefty version of climate change denial."

Powkat, via "Kayse deserves better than he gets in this article. He and his wife both work for ALL the people in East County. He has fliers in a dozen languages, because that is the reality of East County—that and still being ignored by the powers that be in Portland and in Salem."

Michael Ngo, via Twitter: "As a private citizen from the other side of the river and from the other party—I'm becoming a big fan of you Kayse Jama."

Conrad Hunter, via Facebook: "So long, Rod. Portland desperately needs protection for renters."