Last week, WW published our editorial endorsements for May's primary election ("Get Mad. Go Vote," WW, April 25, 2018). Nearly two dozen contests appear on local ballots, and who's elected will help shape the city's stance on flashpoint issues like police reform and the housing crisis. Here's how readers weighed in.

President Dracula, via Twitter: "I am mad!"

Pragmatist, via "I really don't see the wisdom in putting someone into high office to 'shake things up.'"

Naomi Dagen Bloom, via Facebook: "Angry white woman pleased to support angry black woman, Jo Ann Hardesty."

Harley Leiber, via "Hardesty is the best choice. Must agree."

Fiddleguy, via "I have been a big fan of Jo Ann for years and still am."

Gabrielle A Brown, via Facebook: "What we need are competent public servants who will work for our communities, especially those with the fewest advantages."

Barbara Buono, former adviser to Mayor Ted Wheeler, via Twitter: "One of the whitest cities in the U.S. is poised to elect its first woman of color to council.  Is Portland ready to walk its progressive talk?"

Rosalie Nieborak, via Facebook: "Shake it! Shake it good! I wish I could help, but I guess I'm one of those losers who had to leave the city. But I care! My daughter and granddaughter are still there! Take a chance, people!"

Susan Callas Matney, via Facebook: "We need troublemakers! Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable!"

Jason Renaud, via Twitter: "Jo Ann Hardesty is so much more than angry. She's an impatient black woman, a frustrated black woman, a dedicated black woman, an intelligent black woman, an elegant black woman. Add to this list of superlatives?"

Andrew Theen, Oregonian reporter, via Twitter: "One takeaway from Willamette Week's endorsement guide: Rich Vial has 42 grandchildren. 42."


In the endorsement of Rep. Rich Vial, WW stated that the Oregon Firearms Federation "vowed to punish Vial with a primary opponent" after he voted to restrict gun ownership by convicted domestic abusers. In fact, while the OFF decried Vial's vote and supports his opponent, it did not publicly pledge to recruit anyone to run in the Republican primary.

In an endorsement for Multnomah County commissioner, WW misstated the name of a nonprofit where Susheela Jayapal volunteered. It is Metropolitan Family Service.

WW regrets the errors.