Sunshine Dairy Will Close After Declaring Bankruptcy. What Should Happen to the Iconic Spinning Milk Carton?

A very important poll about the future of the beloved, milk carton iconography.

On Wednesday, Sunshine Dairy—the milk distribution center that boasts the iconic spinning carton in Northeast Portland—filed for bankruptcy.

As The Oregonian first reported, the 85-year-old plant will be taken over by dairy competitor Alpenrose for a short period of time before being sold and re-zoned. Some of the location's 100 employees will stay at the Northeast 21st Avenue location, said Dan Boverman, Sunshine's restructuring officer, in a statement, and the plant's Northeast Halsey location will continue operations.

But the most important question is: What the heck is going to happen to the giant spinning milk carton?

"I've only been working with the company for about a week," Boverman told WW. "There have been no decisions with regard to that."

So while Sunshine sorts out how to pay back the over $12 million it owes to Wisconsin bank First Business Capital Corp.—the dairy company told The Oregonian it is worth less than $10 million—we decided to conduct a poll to help answer the question of what to do with the behemoth carton.

Should Sunshine Dairy:

A)    Concede the carton to Viva La Vegans, a local meet-up for vegans, as a declaration of the death of dairy in Portland?

B)    Designate the carton as a historic landmark and force whatever businesses take over the building in years to come to leave it untouched?

C)    Turn it into a tiny home, plop it a few blocks away, and sell it for $12 million?

D)    Paint over it with portraits of Bernie Sanders and let the Democratic Socialists of America use the plant as their new headquarters?

E)    Trash it?

Leave your answers in the comments, and the results of the poll will be published on Monday.

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