Secretary of State Dennis Richardson announced today that he has brain cancer.

"In May, I was diagnosed and began treatment for a small, cancerous brain tumor," Richardson wrote on his official blog. "While this was a difficult diagnosis to hear, I'm blessed and optimistic. We caught it early. I have a treatment plan in place, and I have an exceptional support system here at work and at home. I am taking on this challenge the same way I've taken on every challenge since my days flying "Night Hawk" as a combat helicopter pilot—I've considered my options, set my goal, developed my plan, and failure is not an option."

The announcement was first reported by The Oregonian. 

Richardson, a former six-term state representative from Central Point, became the first Republican to win state-wide office in 14 years in 2016, when he beat Democrat Brad Avakian to win his current post. He earlier lost the 2014 governor's race to Democrat John Kitzhaber.

Richardson will address the public today at noon on a Facebook live event.