Maybe the cops won't be called on a U.S. senator this time.

The office of U.S. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) says he has received permission to visit the nation's largest detention center for immigrant children after being turned away earlier this month.

Along with six other Democratic members of Congress, he'll visit the former Walmart on Father's Day, according to an advisory released by his office.

On June 3, Merkley came to the shelter in Brownsville, Tex., but did not succeed in gaining entry.

His Facebook live video of the visit to the center's front door went viral with 2.1 million views to date. Staff at the facility called the police, and Merkley left without gaining entrance.

But earlier this week, press were given a tour. (The shelter now has 1,500 boys age 10 to 15, the NY Times reported.)

Merkley, who is rumored to be considered a run for president, was accused of a political stunt for showing up with a camera crew unannounced.

But some, including MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff, attributed the press's access to the facility to Merkley's efforts.