The scooters just keep coming.

Skip announced today that it will be dropping off  200 scooters in Portland starting tomorrow. In addition to Bird and Lime's existing fleets, that will put the number of scooters on Portland streets at 600.

The company will also be handing out 200 free helmets in various places around town until Saturday.

Tomorrow, Portlanders can pick up helmets at First Thursday in the Pearl from 5pm to 10 pm. On Friday morning they'll be available at various locations downtown. And on Saturday, Skip will be at Providence Park before the Timbers game from 6 pm to 10 pm.

And if the idea of wearing a helmet while scooting makes you chortle, consider Kelley Mitchum—a Dallas, Texas resident whose first Lime scoot ended after one block, when she "crashed head first on trolly tracks" and ended up in the ER with two black eyes and stitches in her forehead.

Happy scooting!