Jorts-Clad Oregon Man Ends National Parks Arrest Spree by Taunting a Bison in Yellowstone

The Pendleton man had been arrested for drunken and disorderly conduct at a different park less than a week earlier.

American bison (Larry Smith)

When in Yellowstone, do not harass the bison.

That is: don't be like Raymond Reinke, the 55-year old from Pendleton, Ore. who, as the Associated Press first reported, was arrested by park rangers after a video of him taunting a bison made national headlines.

In the video, Reinke, who is jorts-clad and appears maybe only semi-sober, is shown lunging at and puffing his chest at the bison. The behemoth animal charges Reinke a few times, but doesn't appear to make contact.

The incident was reportedly the third in of a string of disturbances that Reinke had been causing at other national parks.

According to the Associated Press, he was arrested last Saturday at Grand Teton National Park on charges of drunken and disorderly conduct. After being released on a $500 bond, Reinke was stopped three days later in Yellowstone by rangers who caught him driving without a seat belt and possibly intoxicated.

Yellowstone rangers allegedly learned of Reinke's previous arrest after his bison confrontation was captured on video, and apprehended him at the Many Glacier Hotel after receiving a report of guests arguing. One of those guests was Reinke.

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Historically, Oregonians haven't fared well at Yellowstone. Two yeas ago, a 23-year-old Portlander slipped in a hot spring while trying to soak and died.

"In a very short order," a deputy said at the time, "there was a significant amount of dissolving."

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