Scooter Rider Sent to Hospital After Colliding with Car in Northeast Portland

The crash occurred near I-84 where the e-scooter rider was going against the flow of traffic.

An e-scooter rider was sent to the hospital on Friday after colliding with a car on Northeast 122nd Avenue near Interstate 84.

The scooter rider, KATU News first reported, was going against the flow of traffic when the car's driver, who was reportedly making a legal turn, hit the rider.

The rider was taken to the hospital as a precaution. A spokesman for Portland Police did not respond to questions regarding the scooter rider's current condition, or whether or not the rider was wearing a helmet.

This appears to be one of the first major scooter-related injuries so far in Portland. A week ago, Portland emergency rooms reported treating zero scooter riders.

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Spokespeople from area emergency rooms did not immediately respond to request for updated scooter injury statistics.

UPDATE, 4:35 pm: Portland Police Bureau spokesman Pete Simpson says the scooter rider was riding south in a northbound bike lane on Northeast 122nd Avenue when the driver turned right and struck the rider. The driver appears to have been following traffic laws.

Simpson adds that the rider was not wearing a helmet, and that the rider was not seriously injured. It's unclear whether anyone was ticketed for the collision.