Portland Trail Blazers owner and Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen has donated $100,000 to a committee that aims to maintain Republican control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Allen's $100,000 donation to a group called Protect the House was made in mid-June and reported to the Federal Elections Commission in July. But it was first reported this holiday weekend by the Seattle Times.

The report of Allen's contribution vexed some Blazers fans in progressive Portland, who noted that the money backs efforts to thwart a Democratic "blue wave" that could provide a check and balance against President Donald Trump. (Others noted that Republicans are more likely to protect the Trump tax breaks that benefit people in Allen's rarefied income bracket.)

Allen's spokesman told the Times that the billionaire had also given nearly $100,000 to Democratic causes and candidates in this cycle. (He's given $173,000 total to Republicans, according to FEC filings.)

"Paul Allen has supported both Republicans and Democrats over the years, and he will continue to support candidates on both sides of the aisle," said John Pinette in a statement.

While the Times noted that this is Allen's largest-ever contribution to a federal campaign or PAC, it's not even close to his largest campaign gift this year. In June, he contributed $1 million to a Washington ballot initiative to tighten restrictions on gun ownership. Among other things, that measure would raise the legal age to purchase semi-automatic rifles to 21.

That means that in November, Allen's money will be backing a major gun-control measure and GOP control of Congress—seemingly paradoxical aims.