America watched Thursday's congressional testimony by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh with equal parts intrigue, grief, rage and disgust.

Commentaries on the day's proceedings—which, if you missed them, can be streamed here—were robust, and included input from around the globe.

Today, the nation received news that the FBI will be conducting a weeklong investigation into the accusations against Kavanaugh. The probe, the Washington Post reports, is not a formal criminal investigation but more like an extension of Kavanaugh's background check, which will now include interviews with Kavanaugh's alleged assault conspirator Mark Judge and Judge's ex-girlfriend.

As the hearings continue to unfold, and as we all process the news, here is a round-up of the coverage of this current historic—albeit déjà vu-inducing—moment in U.S. politics that we found most insightful and clarifying.

"Around the world, from Ghana and Congo to Ireland and China, non-Americans also spent hours watching — some in fascination and some in horror — as the highly charged hearing unfolded.

The Washington Post spoke to some international viewers and collected others' opinions via social media to find out how the rest of the world saw Thursday's hearing."

"At the time of this writing, composed in the eighth hour of the grotesque historic activity happening in the Capitol Hill chamber, it should be as plain as day that what we witnessed was the patriarchy testing how far its politics of resentment can go. And there is no limit."

"[…]a comparison of events leading up to Thursday's hearing and the hearings in 1991."

"The choice now for too many important people is between putting him on the Court and then forgetting it all happened, or voting him down and forgetting it all happened.

"But it did happen, in all its drama and revelatory ugliness."