Last week, we wrote about Gov. Kate Brown's struggle to appeal to Oregonians enough to secure re-election over Republican candidate Rep. Knute Buehler ("What's Not to Like?" WW, Oct. 3, 2018). Brown, who became governor in 2015, has pushed environmental legislation and raised the minimum wage. But her polling negatives continue to be alarmingly high, thanks in part to a public-pension crisis. Here's how readers are weighing in.

Babcock123, via "For all I can tell, Kate seems like a decent person. I have no reason to attack her personally. The issue is all about perception. She comes across as an administrator at best. Not as a leader. As the article says, it may be sexist, it may not be."

Rhiannon Orizaga, in response: "I'd say it's sexist. What people seem to want is a charismatic white man with big ideas and a loud voice and no actual plans. An administrator keeps shit together while everyone else is tooting their own horn. There's a reason we call it 'public administration' and 'public service.' It requires a person who can administer, and serve, like Kate."

Shannon Montgomery, via Facebook: "I want to vote for her. I really do. She's a woman and supports Planned Parenthood. But I will say I agree with the sentiments that the homelessness mess, the dirty/uninviting conditions of our downtown, and graduation rate have me thinking we may need a change."

Carol Clevenberg, via Facebook: "Women are always judged on 'likability' over qualifications and experience."Donal, via "You can put me down as one of those individuals who, on the whole, leans Democratic (mainly to do with social issues) but will be giving my vote to Buehler. All I've seen from Brown (and [Oregon House Speaker Tina] Kotek) is a pandering to the extreme elements of the Dem party."

Jubel Brosseau, via Facebook: "Jesus Christ, there has never been a worse time for us to have a Republican governor. Pull it together, people."

Horseygirl, via "I like Kate for her commitment to our land-use planning system and the environment. Knute does not care about either and will harm the beauty of our state."

Sgperry, via "I'm seriously underwhelmed by Kate Brown too (and Ted Wheeler, for that matter), but I don't know why I would want to switch my support to Knute Buehler, who's even more underwhelming than she is."

Armon Collman, via Facebook: "I see two items in common with those who would not keep Brown in office: 1. Misogyny. 2. The need to have a loudmouthed charlatan bamboozle them."

Jeff Deatherage, via Twitter: "I'm an independent. I don't necessarily dislike Brown. However, I'll vote Republican simply to try to bring party balance to Oregon."