A Portland woman was injured Friday after riding through a booby trap of thin woven string tied across the I-205 multi use path.

Carlene Ostedgaard, KPTV first reported, was biking near Southeast Division Street around 10:30 pm when she crashed into the web of twine, injuring her face and neck.

"I could actually feel the pieces unraveling across my face," Ostedgaard said. "I was crying, it was like this feeling of sadness and despair that, like, human beings would do this."

Ostedgaard also told KGW that before the crash, she saw three men run up the hill away from her and stop behind a retaining wall to watch her. That's when she says she hit the trap.

"Between the time that I actually made sense of what had happened to me, stopped, made the decision to call the police, and the police showed up, it was likely 15 minutes," she said. "And [the suspects] stayed, which is confounding."

Police arrested three suspects—Antonio Tolman-Duran, Dakota Murphy and Justin Jones—on charges of assault and reckless endangering.

This isn't the first reported assault to occur along multi-use Portland trails, which also serve as home for many people on the margins.

In 2010, BikePortland reports, a wire trap was strung near a stop sign in Ladd's Addition where residents were complaining of bikers not heeding a stop sign. And last year in May, a biker riding along the Springwater Corridor in the wee hours of the morning was knocked unconscious while cycling and had his bike stolen.