Americans are looking at Rip City as a prime place to retire.

According survey results from Provision Living, a senior living company, Portland was ranked the nation's eighth most popular retirement destination.

The 2,000 survey respondents, ages 22 to 74, ranked Miami as their number-one destination for retirement, followed by San Diego and Denver.

The average dream retirement age was 60, while the ideal retirement home is single story and at least 1,635 square feet. (Please stop laughing. We would really appreciate it if you would stop laughing.)

Of the millennials polled, 43 percent have saved less than $5,000 for retirement, but said they hoped to save at least $687,000. (Provision Living predicts millennials' actual retirement savings will be around $357,000, while boomers will be closer to $228,000. Again, enough with the laughter. It's a terrible habit.)

Future retirees also have big plans for all their free time.

53 percent of respondents say they plan to have more sex when they retire, and 68 percent say they will volunteer.