The "atmospheric river" that hit Portland last night was fairly uneventful. But wind speeds throughout the city and state were no joke.

A report from the National Weather Service shows that gusts downtown and atop the Fremont Bridge reached 50 miles per hour between 2 am and 4 am last night. Wind speeds in the 39-73 mph range are considered tropical storm force, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Oregon's statewide storms were too brief to be classified as serious weather events, but towns along the Oregon coast did briefly brace themselves against hurricane-force gales. (Hurricanes are classified as storms with sustained winds over 74 mph.)

NWS data show that the central Oregon coast experienced 50 mph-90 mph wind speeds. Cape Foulweather, 15 miles south of Lincoln City, lived up to its name last night as 90 mph gusts ripped through—the most intense wind recorded anywhere in Oregon.

Rain also hit hard in Portland overnight—dumping one to three inches throughout the city—but Bureau of Environmental Services' mitigation efforts successfully prevented sewers from overflowing. It was shit-less Christmas miracle!