During Shutdown, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s Husband Cleans Mt. Hood Bathrooms and Sends Bill to President Trump

“This is just one of many reasons I love my husband,” Brown wrote on Twitter.

Dan Little (via Twitter)

It's day 23 of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, and many national parks have turned into literal garbage heaps. One Oregonian has decided to take cleanup efforts into his own hands.

Last Friday, Gov. Kate Brown posted a photo of her husband Dan Little collecting waste at national park bathrooms, KATU News first reported. The first gentleman tidied up overflowing trash cans at the Mount Hood National Forest Sno-Park and sent the $28 bill to President Donald Trump.

"This is just one of the many reasons I live my husband, Dan," Brown wrote on Twitter. "He cleaned the bathrooms—and sent the bill to President Trump."

Elsewhere in Oregon, at Crater Lake, overflowing toilets have prompted employees to close off the road to the park for fear of human waste flowing into the pristine water.

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