Oregon Is the 4th Safest U.S. State to Drive in, According to New Report

That’s based on metrics like driver aggression, driving speed and road quality.

The Woodburn Overpass has turned orange for a few days to remind travelers: See Orange: Zone In. (Oregon Department of Transportation)

Oregon passive-aggressiveness on the roads may make you furious. But it also makes for safe driving.

According to a new report from YourMechanic, a mobile car repair service, Oregon is the fourth safest U.S. state to drive in.

The study calculated scores for driving safety in each state by ranking things like driver skill and aggression, driving speed, weather conditions and road quality.

The only three states that beat Oregon for safe driving were Vermont, Minnesota and Georgia.

But while Oregon scored low in terms of aggressive, fast driving (shocker) the state had the fifth highest rate of car theft.


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In 2017, WW reported that Portland ranked third among major U.S. cities for most car thefts per capita.

States that topped the list for the least safe driving conditions were New Mexico, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

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