Get ready to wake up to a whiteout again, Portland.

According to the local National Weather Service, snow will likely start falling again Saturday night, lasting throughout the weekend and maybe into next week.

"For Saturday, our latest predictions are that there will be about one to two inches of snow," says Amanda Bowen, a meteorologist with NWS Portland. "We're just going to stay in this cold pattern, basically. There's not really any day where we can say there's a zero chance of snow next week."

WW asked: Is this storm is going to be a "break out the kids' sleds" bad or "stock up on canned goods and not leave the house" bad? Bowen says, "It could be both, depending on who you are."

She says freezing rain is not expected this weekend, but any snow that falls and melts Saturday will freeze overnight and make roads slick Sunday morning.

"It's not going to be a huge snow storm," Bowen says, "but we will get some snow."

Next week, Bowen says forecasts are rapidly changing, making it hard to predict the length and severity of the cold front.

"It's going to be cold," she says. "It's either going to be cold and dry or cold and snow, not anything in between."

The Portland Bureau of Transportation today issued another travel advisory for Friday night and Saturday. The agency says it is in "incident response mode," and is prepared to de-ice and salt roads as necessary.