Depending on your level of snowmageddon excitement, the sun outside is either a relief or a disappointment.

Either way, it doesn't look like you'll be needing to bust down any grocery store doors for the last leaf of kale in the next few days.

According to Extend Range Weather Forecasting—a long range forecaster who on Friday predicted the worst weather event the area has seen in the 21st century—the threat for a massive snowstorm has diminished.

In a memo to the city's transportation bureau, meteorologist Phil Volker writes that some snow is likely to return to Portland late tonight, but that it will turn to rain after midnight and into Monday morning.

Volker says higher elevation areas, like the West Hills, will see the most snow and that people should be prepared for a somewhat icy commute on Monday morning.

That's congruent with the National Weather Service of Portland's weather forecast. Meteorologist Will Ahue says, "the chance of lowland snow is this evening through midnight. After that chances decrease."

Ahue says there are "additional chances of snow here and there," throughout the next seven days.

Both Ahue and Volker say the next few weeks will likely remain cold.

Volker says east winds over the next two weeks could bring more snow to the area. "It takes time to chill us down and get the snow going," Volker writes, "so I am cautious about turning my back fully and not plan or prepare."

Portland Bureau of Transportation is still keeping close watch on the changing forecasts, and says it is prepared to clear roads of tonight's snowfall.