Portland might be having an identity crisis.

So far this year, the city's rainy day record has been surpassed by San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Rosa. The Bay Area's ABC7 News reports that San Francisco and San Jose have both seen 46 days of rain so far, whereas Seattle has seen 39 and Portland's received 42.

It's not as if Oregon has had an especially dry winter. Record rain and snow levels last month brought Oregon's snow-water-equivalent levels up to above normal percentages.

Those blizzards and rain storms also turned some towns near Portland into puddles and caused passengers to be stranded for days in Oakridge, Ore. on a snowbound Amtrak train.

It's just that Northern California got even more rain.

"The Atmospheric Rivers have been hitting California much harder than they have been hitting Oregon and Washington," ABC7 meteorologist Mike Nicco says. "That's why we've had so much more rain."

Nicco says the heavy rain has helped pull the Bay Area out of a drought.

So it's a win-win. For now, enjoy the odd dry days and be happy you're not a Californian.