Portland's only carless bridge, Tilikum Crossing, is about to generate wind power.

Starting next week, KOIN news first reported, TriMet will begin installation of 12 wind turbines on either side of the bridge. The turbines, which are four feet tall and powered by three small curved blades, will generate energy to power lights on the bridge at night.

According to a statement from TriMet, they are "designed to generate power even in low wind conditions, as little as two miles per hour," and will be located at either end of the bridge, atop existing poles.

Installation of the project should be completed at the end of April, and TriMet plans to activate the turbines sometime in May. In total, the new technology will cost $350,000.

"The turbines are one of the final elements of the MAX Orange Line," TriMet notes, "which was constructed with a focus on sustainability."

TriMet says it is piloting the turbines, and may consider them for use in future city projects.

During construction of the turbines, the south pathway on the Tilikum Crossing will be closed 7 pm-5 am Monday and Tuesday, March 25-26. North pathways will be shut during the same time Wednesday and Thursday, March 27-28.

The project is a partnership with Portland State University's Mechanical Engineering School, which will help monitor the turbine performance.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly listed Portland Bureau of Transportation was the agency installing the turbines.