Portlanders who own iPhones already have plenty options for paying TriMet fares. Soon there will be another.

Apple announced at its press event this morning that three cities—New York City, Chicago and Portland—supported allowing people to pay for rides with their Apple Watch and iPhone and would be implementing the service later this year.

Are you thinking, "Can't I already do that?" The answer is: Pretty much. Currently, people can pay fares using the credit or debit card linked to their Apple Wallet and get e-tickets on the TriMet ticket app, in addition to using a Hop card or paying with actual cash.

The partnership announced by Apple today, TriMet spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt says, means transit riders will soon also be able to add their Hop card to their Apple Wallet and use it on their iPhone or Apple Watch.

"We're excited customers will be able to use their Hop card on their iPhone or Apple Watch to ride trains, buses and streetcars with Apple Pay this spring," Altstadt tells WW.