U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has a new fan.

A tense confirmation hearing today for David Bernhardt, President Donald Trump's interior secretary nominee, was attended by a swamp creature, who appeared wowed by Wyden's line of questioning.

"You asked to come to my office to tell me your ethics are unimpeachable but these brand new documents I just saw make you sound like just another corrupt official," Wyden says, as the swamp creature grabs its face in shock. "Why would you come to my office to lie to me about your ethics?"

Wyden, NPR reports, was citing documents obtained by the New York Times that show Berhhardt, who worked in the Interior Department during the George W. Bush administration, blocked studies that connect widely used pesticides to the degradation of imperiled species.

After Wyden's questioning, Bernhardt takes an uncomfortably long sip of water while the swamp creature slowly scratches its chin.

Who's the creature? It was a shtick  coordinated by Greenpeace in an attempt to convince senators to oppose Bernhardt's nomination.

In a statement, Greenpeace says its opposition is based on Berhhardt's history as a lobbyist who represented gas and oil interests.

"If ethical violations alone don't disqualify him from holding this position, his record of selling out public lands and waters to his industry buddies should," Greenpeace climate and energy campaign director Janet Redman says in a statement.

Wyden agrees. In a tweet, he writes that Bernhardt is "unfit to serve as Interior Secretary."