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E-Scooters Are Back in Portland, Starting Friday

It’s still unclear how many will be available.

Electric scooters will be back on Portland streets this weekend.

Love them or hate them, e-scooters return Friday for a second, year-long pilot program.

A spokesman for Portland Bureau of Transportation, Dylan Rivera, confirmed with WW yesterday that the agency does "expect some e-scooters to be available on Friday."

He adds: "We are still working out the details about how many scooters will be available."

At the start of the month, 12 companies had applied for inclusion in the trial program. It's unclear how many companies have been approved, but PBOT says it will allow up to 2,500 e-scooters at the start of the pilot.

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During the second pilot, PBOT plans to enforce stricter rules on riders operating scooters on sidewalks or in public parks.

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As well, the agency will offer incentives to companies that effectively crack down on riding in prohibited areas and ones that make scooters available to East Portlanders and people with disabilities. Under the incentive program, the number of e-scooters on city streets could jump to 15,000 by January.