Last week, we wrote about how a new tax on corporations for the Portland Clean Energy Fund will increase Portlanders' trash bills ("Garbage Tax," WW, June 26, 2019). The measure passed by voters in November included garbage companies in its definition of "retail sale," meaning the tax could hike trash collection fees by around 20 cents. Here's what readers think.

Catie Gould, via Twitter: "I'm pretty fine with $0.2 a month, seeing how climate change already costs consumers (A/C units, N-95 masks, etc). A friend of mine with a lung condition has to travel out of state during fire season to stay healthy and is planning on moving."

Bryan, via "I voted against the Portland Clean Energy Fund. I'm also not losing my mind over the increase in my garbage bill."

KablooieKablam, via Reddit: "If polluting is cheap, they'll pollute. By taxing undesirable behaviors, you change the calculus and eliminate the savings. The point is to make the clean option the cheapest option."

Gronke, via Twitter: "I'm surprised anyone believed that claim that the costs would not at least partially be passed along."

Todd Hutchens, via Twitter: "That going green thing is really paying off, right?"

Harrison Schadel, via Facebook: "I'd pay 20 cent a month for something that I believe serves a noble goal."

Unionmade, via Reddit: "I don't know if we on the left have truly grappled with the costs of moving to green energy, as individuals we all consume so much. Whether it's cap and trade or other clean energy initiatives the costs of goods will go up when we consider the price of carbon and tax appropriately."

Shira Newman, via Facebook: "People pay taxes. Companies just pass on the taxes to consumers."

Kromem, via Reddit: "What can you no longer afford because of 2.5 cents less each day? It's less than $10 a year. The idea that this is some sort of crippling tax on Portland households is laughable."

Andrea4578, via "We're always lied to when it comes to these measures. Which is why I vote no whenever possible. Other Portlanders should do the same. So sick of these bait-and-switch tactics."

Mark Stevens, via Facebook: "All taxes are passed onto customers."

Kromem, via Reddit: "Damn, I guess I'll have to give up Bazooka bubblegum every 10th day."

Anonymous, via Reddit: "Why does every climate change 'solution' basically boil down to 'raise taxes and throw money at the problem'?"