Dr. Paul Thomas, the Beaverton pediatrician who is a leading figure in the anti-vaccine movement, has been barred from participating in a federal program that provides poor children with vaccinations.

That means he loses funding from the Vaccines for Children Program, which provides free vaccines to children on Medicaid or otherwise in need.

The July 12 order issued by the Oregon Health Authority, barring him from participation, states Thomas failed to stock two of the required vaccines (the rotavirus and HPV vaccines), as mandated under the program. "Dr. Thomas…is not exercising medical judgment in accordance with accepted medical practice," it also states.

Contacted by WW to explain why he'd been barred, Thomas texted: "I didn't jump through their hoops fast enough."

Also last week, Thomas announced he will begin charging patients a $295 annual fee. He tells WW the two events are unrelated: "Membership fee has nothing to do with that."