Last week, WW wrote about Portland's antifascist protesters, who meet far-right brawlers for violent fights ("Portlantifa," Aug. 7, 2019). With antifa under greater scrutiny than ever, we asked about their tactics—and whether they are actually discouraging groups like the Proud Boys, or giving them national media attention. Here's what readers had to say.

Dunes, via Twitter: "I read with interest as a relatively new resident of Portland trying to figure out what I can do. I want to take a stand against fascists but want nothing to do with violence. Should they be ignored or actively opposed?"

David Beveridge, via Facebook: "Yes, antifa is *exactly* what Trump wants and what Patriot Prayer needs to achieve their street theater."

Sams-culottes, via Twitter: "Maybe we should talk about how right-wing violence gets swept under the rug rather than constantly handwringing about antifa's optics."

AL Lobo, via Facebook: "The only behaviors that are helping Trump are complacency and pacifism to an unacceptable swelling of nationalist toxicity. To put it simply, the best way to not have antifa is to first not have fascists."

Lizardbreath, via Twitter: "I feel antifa is winning! I wanna be one, but I'm old and don't think they would want me. I really want to show fascists they are outnumbered."

Ian Alexander, via Facebook: "The problem is, if you DON'T punch Nazis, they will later crack down on you and have the full power of the state behind them."

Keith Wilson, via Facebook: "Trump loves them and all GOP fundraising organizations count on them to start tossing balloons of piss at cops around election time."

Steve Hammer, via Facebook: "If people ignored Joey Gibson, he'd fade away into oblivion. Taking his bait is doing exactly what he wants."

Church and State Don't Mix

The city of Salem should not be paying one cent to that church, nor should they be moving the library to it. It is reason enough that this church discriminates against gay people. But there's a bigger issue at stake here, namely the separation of  church and state, perhaps the most important of the founding principles of this country. If these haters think that it's wrong to marry a gay person, then they should not marry a gay person. They have no business trying to inflict their so-called principles on other people. Hypocrite Pastor Robert Childs should look up the word discrimination.

Jay Clem

Southeast Portland