The Seven Best Costumes Protesters Donned to Mock Proud Boys

They wanted to create a spectacle to interrupt “toxic masculinity riot porn.”

When life gives you fascists, you make a marching band dressed as bananas.

That was the logic of Popular Mobilization, or Pop Mob, a leftist demonstration group that responded to a Proud Boys rally on the Portland waterfront Aug. 17 by organizing a costume party.

Effie Baum, a Pop Mob organizer, says the goal was to "create an atmosphere where a lot of different people could engage" and to interrupt what Baum calls "toxic masculinity riot porn."

The Proud Boys demonstration, which was organized by a Florida talk show host, called for labeling antifascists as a domestic terrorist group. Baum, who is part of the antifascist movement, aimed for a less violent, more absurd outcome.

"We wanted to create a spectacle so that any attempt [the Proud Boys] made to make violent videos would be interrupted and photobombed with something like a banana playing a tuba or an inflatable poop emoji," Baum says.

Here are seven of the best costumes donned by Pop Mob protesters on Saturday.

1. A brass band in banana costumes.

2. Groups of rainbow-maned inflatable unicorns.

3. An "Antifa Waluigi," dressed in telltale purple overalls and white gloves, with a mustached V for Vendetta mask.

4. A tattooed ladybug, with sleeves of ink, a matching polka-dot skirt and wings, and a flower crown of antennae.

5. Multiple massive inflatable poop emojis.

6. Protesters in chef's hats and smocks, dusted with flour, holding signs that read, "White Flour."

7. A young Hufflepuff, brandishing a wand, robe and tie. (The child in the costume was a protester's son.)

Correction: The young protester was a Hufflepuff (not Harry Potter) and he is a protester's son. WW regrets the errors.