A four-alarm fire that began in a grass field Tuesday evening spread to several nearby buildings, engulfing a boxing gym and damaging indoor bike park the Lumberyard. The blaze started near Northeast 85th Avenue and Siskiyou Street, near Rocky Butte, around 5:20 pm, according to fire officials. Winds pushed the flames south, endangering nearby homes and businesses, leading to evacuations, street closures and forced power outages. It took roughly two hours for crews to bring the fire under control.

Speaking to media, Portland Fire and Rescue spokesperson Rich Chatman declined to comment on damage to the surrounding businesses, but the fire appeared to claim Grand Avenue Boxing Club, which posted shortly before 6 pm on Facebook that the building was “engulfed in flames,” followed by “it’s gone.”

On Instagram, the Lumberyard indicated that it appeared to avoid major damage but said it would take days to assess the full extent.


According to officials, the cause of the fire is not yet known.