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Readers Respond to the High Number of Traffic Deaths In Portland This Year: “People Need to Stop Driving Like Entitled Asses”

"Most of the times, they don’t see me because they are on their phones.”

Last week, we wrote about the high number of traffic deaths in Portland this year ("Blindsided," WW, Aug. 21, 2019). Since 2015, the city has spent millions on a plan called Vision Zero, aimed at eliminating deaths in the streets by 2025. This year, 34 Portlanders have already died in traffic. Here's what readers had to say.

Luke Kanies, via Twitter: "Excellent article by Willamette Week about the deaths that surround us, that we tolerate, to enable people to get somewhere a little faster. Portland's version of Vision Zero is short on vision, and even shorter on results."

Julie Michelle Camelio, via Facebook: "I've been almost hit a few times by distracted drivers while walking at a crosswalk. Most of the times, they don't see me because they are on their phones."

Nathan Oleson, via Facebook: "To the surprise of no one, now people are driving on roads never designed to handle large volumes of commuter traffic. And people are dying because of those decisions."

Susan, via Twitter: "Ten years ago, my fiancé was killed in a crosswalk by a driver who failed to stop at a red light. I think it's way too easy to get a driver's license, probably due to the car lobby. More, younger drivers = $$$. Make the tests harder, make classes and retests mandatory, Oregon!"

Janel Scherrer, via Twitter: "When I see a Washington plate, I step back. Their general attitude is that cars rule and we'll show Portland. I know that is a generalization and there are exceptions."

Portland Dad Guy, via Twitter: "More lights and stronger penalties against drunk driving will do way more to reduce deaths than all the 'road diet' and 'traffic calming' projects you could think up."

Dream, via Twitter: "How about we hold the car owners/drivers responsible instead of thinking the city needs to pick up the bill? People need to stop driving like entitled asses. The city can't fix that."